Perfect Partners in Providing
Scientific and Business Solutions

OmniPathology is a physician-owned California professional medical corporation. The company is specialized in providing academic level state-of-the-art pathology services. We pride ourselves in our commitment to an excellent standard of service.

Under the leadership of our founder, Dr. Mohammad Kamal, our pathologists are trained to provide the highest level of personalized service to our physician clients.

OmniPathology is constantly pursuing the most advanced testing technologies. Our customers identify us as the perfect partners in providing scientific and business solutions.

Over the years OmniPathology served physicians, laboratories and medical device companies and was able to present a tremendous value that helped our partners to significantly grow their business and overcome challenges.

We provide full service anatomic pathology testing including immunohistochemistry and special staining. We also provide top level professional component pathology services rendered by fellowship trained specialized pathologists.

In our efforts to provide the most advanced services, Omni added Film Array technology to help our customers detect infectious pathogens in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts.

As part of our quality standard, we have daily group review of all malignant and significant diagnoses in our daily consensus conference.

Our unique protocols are second to none. They provide us with the best tools to meet and exceed all quality standards, as evidenced by comments received during CLIA and CAP inspections.