"...well-trained, technically superb and, in my opinion,
one of the top GI pathologists in the United States."

Dr. Mohammad Kamal and I go back for many years. I moved to Merced, a small Central Valley California town as Chief of the Endoscopy Service at Mercy Hospital (Part of Catholic Healthcare West) I was not happy with the pathology reports, so when I opened my own Endoscopy Center I began airmailing my specimens to OmniPathology after meeting him at a medical conference. He is an excellent GI pathologist, well-trained, technically superb and, in my opinion, one of the top GI pathologists in the United States. His most impressive “pick-up” for me was the diagnosis of a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on a routine duodenal biopsy submitted for Giardia. The endoscopic finding was very subtle and the patient had no other clinical manifestations. His meticulous approach allowed us to provide early treatment and significantly improved the patient’s prognosis.

He is the consummate pathologist and one of the most decent human beings I have ever worked with. Part of my training was at Johns Hopkins where excellence and dedication to the highest standards of patient care are not slogans—they are a way of life. Dr. Kamal fits this culture. His GI pathology skills are at the highest academic level. I can recommend him to you without reservation.

- Douglas J Deutsch, MD
Retired Gastroenterologist,
Medical Strategist, Research & Marketing Consultants, Inc.



"...accurate, relevant and comprehensive..."

Since 2003, I have been using the pathology services of OmniPathology for our implantable medical device preclinical studies. As a chief scientists and director of regulatory affairs for many medical device companies (Advanced Bionics, Boston Scientific), we were looking for a pathology expert who has knowledge of the FDA regulations and familiar with implantable devices. We were also looking for a laboratory that is capable of conducting GLP studies. We found our need in Dr. Mohammad Kamal and OmniPathology. It was tremendously advantageous that OmniPathology is local. In the past, it was very challenging to use out of state laboratories. With OmniPathology, we can have face-to-face meeting with Dr. Kamal at our location or at Omni’s facility in Pasadena, where Dr. Kamal can present his findings to our team.

Dr. Kamal’s past experience in the medical device industry was extremely valuable to us. He is very resourceful. In addition to being accurate, relevant and comprehensive, Omni reports always include a table summary of the findings and representative photomicrographs. These features are of great value in our FDA submissions. Furthermore, OmniPathology has an excellent turnaround time.

I recommend Dr. Kamal and OmniPathology without hesitation.

- Mike Colvin, PHD
CEO, Start up Pharmaceutical