GI Pathology

OmniPathology is one of the leading GI Pathology providers. Under the leadership of Dr. Mohammad Kamal, Omni has best-in- class, clinically-oriented GI Pathology Diagnostic Database. This reporting system allows the pathologist to report the diagnosis of the GI biopsies after going through multiple steps of decision making analysis with consideration of the applicable clinical scenario. This system provides Gastroenterologists with thoughtful reliable diagnoses combined with valuable and practical recommendations consistent with current national management guidelines. All of this is presented in a concise, easy to read report with attached high quality photomicrographs for significant findings.

Our approach in diagnosing difficult cases of Barrett’s esophagus, eosinophilic esophagitis and inflammatory bowel disease has been commended by numerous gastroenterology leaders. Our protocols have contributed in improving adenoma detection rates ADR for our clients.